My name is Brandon Guthman. I am currently a graduate student at UW-Stout in the M.S. Information & Communication Technologies program. I will be graduating in December of 2011 with my degree, and I hope to pursue a job in the higher education field.



Definition of ICT


Information: What we are constantly in search of to ultimately retain. 


Communication: How or what technolgy we use to send and recieve this information.


Technology: The means by which we communicate this information to each other.


ICT Program Information

Program Information:

The graduate program in Information and Communication Technologies is designed to meet the needs of individuals working in related occupations that presently have a baccalaureate degree in a related field. This graduate program is in tend ed for individuals interested in a selected area of information and communication technologies. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are tech nol o gies that are used to produce, store, process, disseminate and exchange information. For more information, visit the ICT Homepage in the links section. 


What is ICT?

The World Bank defines ICT as, "hardware, software, networks, and media for the collection, storage, processing, transmission and presentation of information (voice, data, text, images), as well as related services." Here at UW-Stout we also include the historic context from which current ICT's have evolved, from hieroglyphics to the Gutenberg Press to the information age that we presently live in.


ICT Program Goal

My goal for the Masters of Science in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) program is an achievement of a better understanding of communication technologies as well as to broaden my breadth of knowledge on current technologies that exist in the healthcare industry.



ICT Program Reflection

I started my M.S. ICT degree in the fall of 2010 and will finish it in the fall of 2011. I feel very good about my performance throughout the program as well as how well I completed and really almost mirrored my ICT program goal.


The main reason I decided to return back to college to pursue higher education was my desire to get more exposure with technology as well as my knowledge base in regards to emerging and future technologies.


My future learning goals include, but are also not limited to becoming an instructor, business analyst, enterprise applications manager, project manager, or pursuing higher education once again to enter more in-depth expertise in the healthcare industry as a healthcare administrator.